CEO Advisor

The CEO role is a highly complex role that requires a different type of leadership. Whether you are a new CEO or not, having a trusted advisor that you can count for no-nonsense, high impact advice is critical. Who can you talk to about your relationship with the Board? What about your plans on succession or M&A opportunities? Who is giving you real feedback on your effectiveness on analyst calls or at a Town Hall? Who is helping you get a read on your people and whether they have what it takes to execute your mandate? Fact of the matter is, as soon as you wear the CEO title, your ability to have honest conversations about your effectiveness and your judgment diminishes. That’s where we come in.

Kilberry has specific expertise in working with CEO’s in companies ranging from Fortune 50 public companies to not-for-profits and start-up companies (and everything in between). We understand your role and its complexities, and can help in ways that others can’t.

  • CEO-specific advisory services, including Board relations, succession, M&A, influence within the investment community, personal development, etc.
  • Trusted advisor on executing one’s agenda through the top team
  • Based on deep insight and experience working with CEO’s, understanding of the role and its nuances, and pragmatic advice on complex issues

Executive Coaching

Developing leadership capabilities takes work. Research into how leaders truly develop suggests that it involves a combination of pivotal development experiences and the insight that can be generated as a result. We agree. To us, coaching isn’t just about sitting in our office and reflecting, it is an integrated process that starts with the business requirements for success, identifies strengths to leverage and gaps to address, generates pivotal experiences that will truly facilitate development, and works in conjunction with the organizational system (ie the boss, key stakeholders, etc.) to generate insight and behaviour change. In the end, the individual emerges as a more effective leader.


  • Used to accelerate leadership effectiveness or deal with specific behaviours causing derailment
  • Focused on pivotal experiences and insight that will truly create change
  • Context-dependent. Internal stakeholders involved in the process (e.g. boss, HR, etc.)
  • Assessment, development planning, and execution
  • Time-bound 6-9 month coaching program (does not linger on forever)

Team Development

Development is not just an individual process. As a leader, you need to execute your mandate through your team. To be successful, you need the right players around the table, they need to be aligned around a common purpose and operating principles, and they need to hold each other accountable for results. Kilberry’s unique approach to team development creates strong, aligned, and optimized teams that generate results.


  • Define senior team structure: Alignment of company goals with team goals
  • Help teams define membership, purpose and accountabilities.
  • Address role accountability and decision rights
  • Build team processes: Build the systems and processes that ensure effective decision making and high levels of commitment.
  • Help teams sequence initiatives and define norms, rewards, and commitment
  • Address meeting design and performance metrics
  • Optimize senior team performance: Cultivating a team climate that drives innovation and adaptability.


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