Identify High Potentials

High potential talent has the character, motivationperformance and knowledge & learning orientation necessary to rise and succeed in roles with significantly greater responsibility and scope.


Keeping with this broad definition, Kilberry works with each client to specify the unique criteria for their high potentials. We then apply our expertise in executive assessment to individually assess each high potential against these criteria in order to create a plan for development.

We identify talent at its earliest stages. We know what constitutes potential.

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Develop High Potentials

At Kilberry, we believe high potentials develop most from pivotal experiences – the defining moments or opportunities which challenge them to think and act differently. Based on our assessment of each high potential, Kilberry helps to identify the most relevant and critical pivotal experiences for their future career success.

High potential development is accelerated when the pivotal experiences incorporate:

  1. Visibility Across the Organization
  2. Self-Insight
  3. Peer Exchange
  4. Opportunities to Add Strategic Value
  5. Focused Learning
  6. Experimentation

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Measure Outcomes

Kilberry’s findings show there are four main outcomes of a successful high potential program.

These include a high potential’s:

  1. Internal Readiness – Shows executive maturity and self-insight
  2. External Readiness – Demonstrates credibility across the organization
  3. Internal Impact – Commits to continuous professional development
  4. External Impact – Drives business goals and results


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