Kilberry is a firm of doctoral-level management psychologists that provide executive assessment and leadership development services to Investors, CEO’s, and Key Corporate Leaders. We help you get an objective read on people and whether they have what it takes to get the job done. We help transition in new leaders so they can ramp up quickly. We are executive advisors and coaches to our clients’ most senior management. We help you navigate the complexities of leadership and drive results.

Kilberry has four core service areas:

  1. Management Assessment: Make the right decisions about people through objective assessment: external hires or internal promotions. Know what you are really getting. Additional specialty in pre-deal management due diligence for Private Equity firms to assess target companies’ leadership team.
  2. Executive Development: Executive-level coaching and development programs designed to accelerate effectiveness. We work at the Top of the House.
  3. Leadership Transitions: Navigate CEO transitions and Onboard new leaders. Create a succession plan and cultivate the necessary leadership to transition smoothly.
  4. High Potential Services: Identify and assess true leadership potential. Develop potential through pivotal experiences and insight.


Bestselling book by Richard Davis, The Intangibles of Leadership, reveals the nuances of character in extraordinary leaders.




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