Kilberry Leadership Advisors partner with HR executives to help build out their talent management strategy.

As an HR leader, you are probably focused on some of these key priorities:

Your company’s future probably depends on your team’s ability to retain and develop high performing talent. This is by no means an easy task. The demands of the business and the varying quality levels of service providers in the marketplace make it even more difficult. At Kilberry Leadership Advisors, we bring you the best. Our seasoned Management Psychologists have the right business acumen, experience, and insight to advise your organization in its most complex talent issues. We have worked with CEO’s and their direct reports in some of the world’s most respected companies. We have literally written the book on what it really takes to be successful at The Top, and chances are your CEO has read it. You can feel confident putting our advisors in front of even the most demanding executives.

The following represent the types of issues we may help you with:

You are hiring a new senior leader (or your company needs to get better at hiring executives in general)
Kilberry assesses top candidates for leadership roles and gives objective, specific recommendations around Hire or No Hire based on deep insight into the business and the person. We work at arm’s length from search firms to avoid any conflict of interest and provide unbiased, objective recommendations. For candidates that are successful, we offer executive on-boarding services to help them ‘hit the ground running.’

You need to Onboard a new leader
Kilberry has a unique offering that anticipates the key challenges and complexities of leadership roles (including how to handle internal candidates who did not make the cut), and facilitates a smooth and successful transition into any leadership seat. Unlike any other firm you know, Kilberry has the experience and credibility with senior leaders to successfully enable them to ‘hit the ground running.’

Top team needs to work together better
Most CEO’s need to execute their agenda through their people. To help the CEO do this most effectively, Kilberry has a suite of services to assess the players, support key team decisions, and in some cases create a team agenda. We help the team align and optimize performance.

Succession is a problem
In many cases, the existing succession plan involves some names on a paper hidden in some executive’s desk. In other cases, it resides in the CEO’s head. Kilberry designs an objective succession plan that identifies key individuals, defines their readiness, and institutes a process for helping them get there for when the time comes to hand over the keys.

A key leader needs coaching
Whether it is a derailing executive or a leader who needs support in preparing for growth, Kilberry offers context-driven executive development that truly accelerates executive performance. Beyond just one-on-one discussions, Kilberry’s development programs address the pivot experiences that will generate real change.

Company’s culture is political, indecisive, or just plain bad
To get a better handle on culture and opportunities for growth, Kilberry’s Enterprise Intangibles service uncovers hidden assets and levers for change.

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