First and foremost, we hope to convey that we are a specialized firm with unique expertise and will serve your needs with intelligence, heart, and insight. Go to your accountants for financial advice and your lawyers for legal advice. From us, expect the highest quality insight into people and how they will affect your most important business decisions. We are passionate about our work and differentiate ourselves in our ability to make an impact on your business. Although we are highly confident in our ability to deliver our services in a way that you haven’t experienced before, we are also humble enough to know we don’t have all the answers. As professionals, we continue to raise our game and will help you to do the same. We would be honoured to partner with you.

Hopefully, our website does a good job explaining what we do and who we are. Below are answers to some questions you may have about us…

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a Management Psychologist?
Most people think of a ‘therapist’ when they hear ‘psychologist’. However, psychology is the study of all aspects of human behavior, and there are several sub-disciplines of psychology, including social, personality, neuropsychology, forensic, educational, and many more. One additional area is called Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology, which is essentially the study of how people behave at work. Although not a widely known area, it has been actively studied since the late 19th century. More recently, some I/O psychologists who primarily work with corporate senior executives have used the term Management Psychology to describe what they do more specifically. Regardless, to be called an I/O Psychologist in Canada and the United States, one must have a doctoral degree (e.g. Ph.D.) in psychology and be registered by a provincial/state licensing board.

Q: Why would someone need a Management Psychologist to solve business problems?
As experts in the field of human behavior, mixed with well-honed insight into people, deep understanding of business and strategy, professionally bound by strict ethical guidelines, Management Psychologists are uniquely able to help senior leaders, investors, and board members solve complex business issues.

Q: Are you a Search Firm?
A: No. Kilberry does not do recruiting or any type of search. We often work in tandem with search firms: when they find and present the top candidates for a particular role, Kilberry provides an objective assessment of the candidates on behalf of the hiring company.

Q: Why the name Kilberry?
A: It was important to find a name that somehow represents who we are and what we stand for. Kilberry is a Castle in Scotland, which was originally built in 1497 but later partially destroyed in 1513. It was rebuilt in 1844 and has been continuously improving since. To us, the name embodies strength, courage, wisdom, serenity, depth, nobility, and endurance. We believe our clients will experience these attributes in us and in themselves as they work with us.

Q: Do you work in specific industries?
A: No. Kilberry works in a variety of industries, big and small. Our people have experience with clients in retail, financial service, hospitality, IT, mining, professional services, entertainment, and many more. Some have been in more niche fields like Laundry Services, Uniforms, and Cosmetics. The key is leadership, and ensuring that the company backs the right people. Although we are not industry-specific, we do have additional services that serve the Private Equity and Executive Search areas. If you are in these fields, please contact us to find out more.


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