Kilberry is a firm of management psychologists that provide executive assessment and development services exclusively to Investors, CEO’s, and Key Corporate Leaders.

Using psychological insight and business experience, we help companies create value by:

Kilberry was founded by Richard Davis, PhD in 2012, based on a core vision of helping society thrive economically and socially. Our opportunity to facilitate this is by working with senior business leaders throughout our community to ensure they make the right decisions and lead as effectively as possible. We are committed to raising the bar for leadership.

The name Kilberry itself comes from a castle in Scotland, which was originally built in 1497 but later partially destroyed in 1513. It was rebuilt in 1844 and has been continuously improving since. To us, the name embodies strength, courage, wisdom, serenity, depth, nobility, and endurance. We believe our clients will experience these attributes in us and in themselves as they work with us.

Our clients include world-class leaders in companies ranging from Fortune 50 to not-for-profits and small partnerships.

Although we have a specific focus on the Toronto-New York corridor, we serve clients throughout the globe and in a wide range of industries. Our headquarters are in Toronto’s downtown financial district. Our New York office is located in the Time-Life Building in midtown Manhattan.


Bestselling book by Richard Davis, The Intangibles of Leadership, reveals the nuances of character in extraordinary leaders.




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